Cathodic Protection

Impressed Current Anodes

For centuries, steel has been used to build or reinforce many man-made structures in the world, from buildings, bridges and wharves, to pipelines and power stations. However, steel has the tendency to succumb to environmental stresses resulting in surface corrosion. That corrosion is a major problem which can adversely affect or eventually destroy the integrity of the structures in question.

NMT® Electrodes Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes in CP systems provide a cost-effective solution to this problem by making the steel structure the cathode of an electrochemical cell. By designing these anodes either into planned new structures or installing them into existing projects, corrosion can be mitigated against.

Anode Shields

Anode Shields are typically designed to protect marine structures, water tanks, and vessels, including dam and navigation lock gates. Because these high quality products can operate effectively in fresh or brackish and seawater environments, they can also be used on curved surfaces such as the inside of pipes. We manufacture Anode Shields and Housings according to our customer’s specifications.

More Information

Applications include, but are not necessarily limited to:
  • oil and gas pipelines
  • water pipelines
  • above and below ground storage tanks
  • reinforced steel in concrete
  • ships hulls
  • jetties and wharves and
  • condenser water boxes in power stations.
Our anodes provide:
  • extremely low coating consumption rates
  • low internal resistance
  • high stability in harsh environments (including those where cl2, o2 or a combination of both may evolve)
  • optimised current distribution, polarisation and current output.
  • increased project/structure lifespans
  • significant maintenance cost savings

Although we can manufacture specialty anodes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit the individual application, we have a standard schedule of CP products which will more than likely suit most scenarios. Please contact us for more details.

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