Swanson Dock

Swanson Dock

The Cathodic Protection of the 30 year-old Swanson Dock West for the Port of Melbourne, by Freyssinet, remains one of the largest and most innovative Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Projects in Australia. At over 1 kilometre in length, the capacity of the three individual ICCP systems to protect the Wharf, the Concrete Beam and the steel pile and sheet pile substructure had to provide for a design current loading of 3600 Amps.

Those three systems are for:
• Concrete Transverse Beams
• Concrete Fender Beam Sections
• Water Anode CP to Steel Piles & Sheet Piles

NMT® is proud to have provided the discreet, MMO Titanium Tubular Anodes of choice.

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