Type ZN Coating Technology


Our Type ZN Platinised Anode Coating Technology

  • All NMT® Electrodes’ Platinised Titanium Anodes undergo extra processing which instantly improves the interface between the platinum and titanium.
  • This extra processing includes a proprietary underlayer which confers almost complete immunity from interface degradation and premature coating loss by various undermining mechanisms.
  • Only in circumstances of continuous operation in very strong acids or chemically incompatible solutions (for example acid fluorides) will the Type ZA coating be liable to failure.
  • Even in these circumstances the NMT Anode’s life will exceed that of an ordinary, platinised anode sometimes by a considerable margin, thus providing considerable financial savings over time.
  • The improved process also confers other benefits on the composite, notably significant improvements in the adhesion strength of the coating, the uniformity of coating thickness and the intrinsic level of coating porosity.

Due to our proven plating technology and product longevity, NMT® Electrodes’ Platinised Titanium Anodes have become the anodes of choice.

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